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Sunday, January 24, 2010

rewards for adam

last sunday, we went to mid valley.

went there coz have to make my promise to my adam.

before this i never bought anythings from TRU. round2, cuci2 mata, pastu keluar. me n mrNaza x nak ajar beli toys mahal2. beli kat pasar malam sudah.

last school holiday, i wanna encourage him to read books. so, i make a deal with him.

'adam, i you finish reading 10 books, u can get a toy from TRU.'

terus terbeliak mata adam.
i bought the lad*ybird books for him to read. dengan gigih adam baca buku....

and the reward is.... i let adam choose any toys in the store but below RM50. terus dia tak senang duduk nak pilih mana satu. and tadda......my boy with his reward:

tapi ok ke ek konsep bagi2 reward ni? kalau x buat gini, susah gak nak galakkan budak2 ni baca buku. tapi kalau amalkan selalu, x elok jugak kan. we'll see how. nanti kena tukar approach lain jugak later. lama2 boring. now the new deal begin, if he finished reading 20 books, any toys in TRU below RM70. go adam go.....

Thursday, January 21, 2010


hola... one of mommy's 2010 new year resolution is to create a blog. mommy was inspired by her friend out there yang dah ada blog. so, here they are. Insya Allah mommy will update it frequently despite her biziness at office and managing our little family. And most of the story that mommy will share with u is the story of me and my baby sis, sarah .... ;-).

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