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Sunday, April 10, 2011

dah 3rd tri-mester

Your baby's crown-to-rump length is approximately 10 inches and the total length of your growing baby is around 15.75 inches. Your baby weighs about 2.4 pounds at this point. Your uterus is a little more than 3 inches above your bellybutton. Your weight gain at this time should be between 17 and 24 pounds.

Blood vessel in the umbilical cord. For several months, the umbilical cord has been the baby's lifeline to the mother. Nourishment is transferred from the mother's blood, through the placenta, and into the umbilical cord to the baby. If the mother ingests any toxic substances, such as drugs or alcohol, the baby receives these as well!

You will probably begin visiting your caregiver once every two weeks. Week 28 is an important week for testing. You will probably be having your glucose tolerance test, an iron level test and if you are Rh negative, you should have an antibody test. The antibody test will determine if you and your baby will have any reactions to each other's blood differences. The glucose test will check for gestational diabetes.

Your baby's brain continues to develop and is now forming the folds and grooves of a fully developed brain. The amount of tissues within the brain also continues to increase in large amounts. The hair that covers your baby's scalp is also getting longer. Your baby is now large enough for presentation to be determined and your doctor might be able to find out if your baby is at risk for being breech. If your baby is breech, don't panic. There is still time for the baby to rotate.

Source: http://www.i-am-pregnant.com/Pregnancy/calendar/week/28

Random notes:
-Last week check-up, baby weight 1.3kg. docRas kata normal.
-makin hari makin penat, perut makin berat, cepat letih...
-dah scan3 kali insya Allah another Dora in the house. we don't mind Dora or Ben10 ke. asalkan selamat, sihat, sempurna semuanya insyaAllah.
-last pregnancy, masuk 6 bulan dah kena solat sambil duduk. now, dah masuk 7 bulan solat macam biasa lagi. Alhamdulillah.
-abang a bit frustrated when he knew he gonna get another sister. he's hoping for a boy.i told him, 'no matter it's a boy or a girl, you have to love him/her equally'.
-dah start shopping barang2 baby. beli sikit2. barang2 Adam n cheMek banyak boleh pakai lagi.

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