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Thursday, March 4, 2010

18 months

last week bawak cheMek for appointment with DrMahani for her 18months immunization.as usual, we went early, be the first to be registered and went to the nearby hawker for breakfast. by 10 am semua dah siap. overall, cheMek is doing fine. Weight naik 500gm aje(10kg) since the last appointment on Dec. cheMek ni kan drama Queen sikit.belum apa2 lagi kan dah nangis. DrMahani selak skirt sikit, dia nangis macam kena pukul. so, bila dah kena jab tu tau2 je lah macam mana havoc nye. hehehe tapi kejap je dia nangis.lepas kena jab, terus join abang main toys kat bilik Dr. Alhamdulillah cheMek tak demam after kena jab. dok monitor gak within 48hrs tu. tapi ade sikit manje la.'manjo kededek' oghe Kelate panggil. asyik kena dukung jah. so next appointment will be another 6 months for the Hep-A immunization.

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