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Thursday, July 8, 2010

June story

Alhamdulillah ...so busy lately. Never ending tasks at office plus technical training for the new system that i had to attend.
Despite the workload that burden me currently I am grateful because at least i have a job to do, paycheck to brought home every month,and Allah give me health in order for me to perform my duty.

June bring a lot of memories to me. On June 2004 i became a mommy. As a first time mommy, it was a bit challenge to me to handle a little baby. Even my sister are far more better than me in handling babies because she's experienced it with our nieces back at home. Me at that time still studying and jarang2 balik kg hehe.
Alhamdulillah Adam is a good baby. Easy to handle him and I am fortunate to have a very responsible husband and a kind baby sitter, Makcik Bedah back then.
Now that boy that i used to cuddle just turns six years old. Being a big bro, he resist everytime i want to kiss him. Mmmm dah besorr ye. When we walked side by side he is at my armpit heights. Haissh...i bet 3,4 yrs he will be taller than me.
Vey caring to his sister. Even he is just six yrs old, i can see that he will be a kind and garang abang like his papa. Insya Allah he will. No fancy party for this year. Mcm mana nak buat party, mommy bz je. Thank God, Tok Ma is here on Adam's birthday. Tok Ma manage to cook nasi dagang for us. Doa selamat recite by Atuk, cake cutting and bukak present.

Tok Ma came wih TokChik during the school holidays to attend Kak Mah's daughter wedding at Kak Mah new posh bunglow in Bangi Golf Resort. I felt so guilty this time around because cannot spend much time with mama. Sometimes i'm envy with people that can stay nearer with their parents. Lagi2 pulak yg dok kat kb.
Like me, 2-3 months apart baru dpt jumpa. Bulan ni kiranya dah 5months x jumpa my father. But thinking on positive side, i'm lucky that i still have my parents. Even we are distance apart doa utk mereka tidak pernah ku lupakan selagi hayat di kandung badan insyaAllah.Lagipun, i'm staying nearer with my in-laws. Berbuat baik dgn in-laws kita pon insya Allah dpt keberkatan Nya.
Usually, if TokMa's here I will take leave and bring her jalan2 and makan2.Not this time. Lucky that mama understood my problem as 'oghe make gaji n dok kolupo pulok' :)

Our plan to balik kb also has been postponed a few time due to my work. I have no choice because i'am all alone supporting the systems.Bos ada pon mcm takde ooops hehe x pe janji boss bagi grade baik during appraisal. But i knew it gonna end soon when the new system Go-Live.insya Allah.
I learned my lesson already, kerja seikhlas hati, bukan kerana pangkat dan ganjaran. Bila kita ikhlas, Allah akan permudah kan kerja kita insya Allah....

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