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Friday, June 15, 2012

OmegaGuard untuk kuruskan badan?? Ye ke?

''Fish oil supplements may help overweight people and people with high blood pressure to lose weight, according to the National Institutes of Health. Omega-3 fatty acids or polyunsaturated fatty acids, are found in fish oil. They are considered essential to your diet because your body can't make them.''

extract from here

Shaklee Omega Guard kaya dgn kandungan asid lemak Omega 3.. dan omega 3 ni lah yg membantu anda sebenarnya

Omega-3 fats help you lose weight :
  1. Omega-3 fats help you control your hunger by stabilizing your blood sugar levels
  2. An Australian study showed that when people took Omega-3 fats while on an exercise program burned more fat than people who Only Exercised (without taking Omega-3 fats) and people who exercised & took other types of fat and…
  3. Studies done in Japan & The Czech republic suggest that Omega-3 fats prevent the creation of ugly body fat and these same studies suggested Omega-3 fats promote more fat burning.

     *Produk ini tidak bertujuan mendiagnos, merawat atau menyembuh sebarang penyakit.
source: here

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